4iiii Announces New Factory Pre-Install option, Dual Timelines/Prices (DC Rainmaker)

Today at Sea Otter, 4iiii has announced a slate of new products and poutlined their future power meter plans for much of the year.  As you’ll remember, the company started shipping their $399 4iiii Precision power meter about a year ago.  That unit was installed on your existing left-only crank arm.  So basically you sent in your left crank arm, and they installed a 4iiii Precision power meter on it.

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Engineering opportunities: 4iiii co-founder profile

For Victoria Brilz everything is a possibility now, but as a Medicine Hat College student in 1976 she couldn’t have imagined her future would include:

  • Working for IBM to bring results of the Olympics online.
  • Making a deal with Nike and having her company featured on the cover of Popular Science magazine.
  • Developing high performance sports technology that would be used by a pro cycling team at the Tour de France.

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New Partnership for 4iiii

4iiii Innovations Incorporated (4iiii) has announced another partnership to support a pro cycling team.
In partnership with ARGON18, a high-end bicycle manufacturer, and SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, 4iiii will be supporting SAS – Macogep – Acquisio, a women’s pro cycling team based out of Quebec for the 2016 cycling season.

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