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    I just purchased a Viiiiva for my wife who is using a iPhone 5 running iOS7, and the Digifit App. The Viiiiva pairs easily with the phone/app, but I am unable to get it to pair with a Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor (which will however pair with my Garmin 500). The Digifit App allows for pairing with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart devices. I have tried both with no luck. I assume the Viiiiva would pick up the Garmin and send its info to the phone, and thus when I set it up on the Digifit App I should use settings>sensors>smart bluetooth instead or settings>sensors>ant+. The Digifit site is no help in this matter.


    4iiii Admin

    Hi tjdale,
    To use Viiiiva to passthru ANT+ sensor data from your ANT+ footpod to your smartphone, first pair your footpod to Viiiiva. To do this, download the 4iiii App on your iPhone. In the 4iiii app choose the Viiiiva Configuration option. Once you connect to your Viiiiva, select the option to search for other ANT+ devices. Tap your footpod to turn it on, and you should see it show up as an option.

    You can now monitor and save Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence and Distance at the Workout Screen in the 4iiii app.

    To send this data to your regular iPhone app, first disconnect your Viiiiva from the 4iiii app so that your app can find Viiiiva and its footpod. (only one app can attach to a Bluetooth Smart device at a time)

    In your app, you can now select your Viiiiva and Speed/Cadence sensor.

    If your app supports the standard Bluetooth Smart multidevice protocol like iSmoothRun and 4iiii, you will find that both the HR and Speed/Cadence data connect smoothly and concurrently.
    Otherwise, your app will switch between Heart Rate and Speed/Cadence data. In the next few weeks, we’ll be updating Viiiiva to turn off rotation. This will give you a smooth constant connection, but you’ll have to select which device you want to monitor constantly for a smooth albeit simplified view.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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