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Cliiiimb is here to fuel Strava fever! Now it’s easier and a lot more fun to catch your friends on the leaderboards and make your personal bests better. Cliiiimb and Cliiiimb Pro give you real-time audio and visual feedback while you’re out on the segment. You’ll know instantly if you need to push harder or if you’re cruising to conquer a KOM.

Simply download the Cliiiimb app and go to the Strava leaderboard to choose a virtual training partner or a personal best to ride or run with.

Cliiiimb and Cliiiimb pro are both ANT+. So that even when you’re not in a segment, Voiiiice and Sportiiii will deliver heart rate, speed/cadence, power, and pace data.

Choose Cliiiimb with Voiiiice for audio feedback when you approach and start your segments.

Know where you are in your segment and how you're progressing in comparison to the partner you’ve chosen.

$129.00 USD
coming soon

Cliiiimb Pro with Sportiiii gives you the same audio cues and adds an LED indicator to give you a visual comparison to your virtual partner.$199.00 USD