Precision update March 6th 2015

Two key updates for you today!

The Precision Factory Install program is very much on track and shipping packages will start going out next week.  We will ramp up in an orderly manner (first-ordered, first-served) to maintain quality and ensure your utmost satisfaction. As always, it is our firm commitment to get our high quality product out to you as soon as possible.

Your excitement for Precision has been huge (thank you!) and we have a large number of orders to fill.  To expedite installation, we will deal with compatible left cranks first based on your order date.

As part of our factory install program, we have now opened our beta Crank Purchase option.  For those of you who want a new crank, you can now order a Shimano left-only crank at

Here’s the process:
–      Order Precision at or  If you’ve already ordered Precision, access your order number on your receipt.
–     Go to and place your crank order.
–     Shimano will ship crank orders directly to our factory for Precision Install. Please note:  Shipping of the crank to us and shipping of the finished crank to you is included.
–     Precision is installed at the 4iiii Factory (as per your original Precision order date)
–     Your new Shimano crank with Precision installed is shipped directly to you.
–     You ride with Precision Power!

We will let you know of offers from other brands as they are available.


Are you going to Sea Otter?  We’ll be in Monterey, CA April 16 – 19 and would love to connect with fellow riders. Come visit us at booth #414 and check out Precision first-hand.

Precision update February 27th 2015

For those of you who have asked to buy a new left-only crank with Precision installed, our Crank Purchase program is in motion! This limited-time offer will allow you to order a new crank that will come directly to us for Factory Install and then ship straight to you. The good people at Shimano are on board and we are also connecting with SRAM and other brands to meet your varied needs. Expect more details re pricing and how to order, very shortly.

We’ve also got some good news about shipping timelines for those sending in your cranks for Factory Install. The shipping experts tell us that ‘one way’ shipping to Canada from the US only requires 2-3 business days. The UK, Australia and Canada will take 3-4 days (go figure – eh?). This means that your time without your crank can be as little as 7 – 10 business days.

We’re getting close to being able to send out your Precision Shipping Kit (complete with ID tag and dummy pod for clearance testing). To optimize efficiency and minimize down time as much as humanly possible, our installers will process left-only orders first and follow with left+right. We will also stagger the arrival of your cranks so that nothing waits in a queue. You will receive a personal email outlining your designated shipping date and yes, you may adjust this date to suit your schedule.


Precision update February 20th 2015

Here is how things are lining up for all Precision orders, including Clever Training customers. As your delivery comes up in the queue, we will first email and confirm your address, order and crank information. With your confirmation, we will send a prepaid shipping box directly to you.   You will send us your compatible crank back to us using the prepaid shipping box. When we send you your box, we will include an estimate of the install and two way shipping time.

If you’ve ordered via Clever Training, we are working closely with them to ensure a smooth and speedy installation of your power meter.

This week, you should have received a notice from Clever Training informing and confirming your approval to provide us with your shipping details. If you prefer that Clever Training doesn’t share your shipping information with us, we totally understand and they will be able to coordinate the shipping of the boxes. (This may add 10 extra business days to the process.)

A number of you have asked about buying a new left only or complete crank with Precision installed. We are pleased to announce a beta test program for this. If you like the idea of zero training down time, and receiving a new crank with your Precision, contact us at with the subject line “crank upgrade beta” and ask for details.  Note that this program won’t change your place in the queue and there will be a cost for the crank you choose.

As always, to ensure that your crank is compatible, please send us your crank model to  if you are unsure if your crank is compatible, please send a photo of it and model number to

Precision update February 13th 2015

Our progress for March Factory Installations of Precision continues to stay on track.

Details surrounding the logistics of shipping cranks back and forth around the world are testing this week.  We have packages going both directions between countries and continents  –  time up front to get every detail right will be worthwhile to ensure that your time without your crank is absolutely minimal.  We’ll be tracking your crank from the moment it ships to us and all the way until it arrives back to you.

Many of you have asked about an option to upgrade to a new crank and have a complete crank and Precision sent to you. This is a great idea and we’re looking into this!

We’ll begin shipping in chronological order but only if we’ve received your crank info.  If you ordered early, but haven’t given us your crank details, we can’t get you started.  We need to know if you have a compatible aluminum model.  Feel free to resend your name, crank brand and model to  We will be contacting you if we still need that information.  Watch for an email to you!  Any questions? Contact us at We don’t want you to lose your well deserved place in the queue!

Your feedback, support and input is always appreciated.

Precision update February 6th 2015

The Precision Factory Install program is right on schedule which means that those of you with compatible cranks (i.e. aluminum with a flat interior profile) will be able to train with left, right and left+right power this upcoming season. Check out the photos below of Janelle riding with Precision last week in the great white north!



photo 3



What’s next? Pre-addressed shipping boxes are being assembled now and specific instructions will be sent to current customers via direct emails.

Since announcing this Factory Install, we’ve had some great feedback from you and have consolidated information in an update to our Precision FAQ . We will also be sending out emails directly to those of you on our order. Any questions? Contact us at

Please know that Precision on carbon cranks is still a high priority for us and we will keep you informed of the timing on that solution as we have it.

Note to Current Customers:
We are doing our very best to communicate with you directly so watch for emails from us. It is important that we know information on which crank you have (i.e. crank type and model name), so that we can process your order easily and quickly. If you have not yet provided us with this information, please email us your details at

Note to New Customers:
To ensure your compatibility with Precision, please view the compatibility chart on the product page. Then, when placing your orders, please ensure that you give us the complete details about your crank as per the check boxes on the order form.

Precision update January 30th 2015

Hi Everyone,


As promised, here is the unfolding logistics plan to address the self-installation setbacks that we encountered in early January.

To ensure that you’re riding with affordable power as quickly as possible, we’ll be providing factory installations of Precision onto your compatible cranks at no additional cost.

How shipping works

Here’s how it’s going to work. We’ll provide you with the pre-paid addressed shipping box, instructions and a dummy pod to determine clearance. You’ll send us your crank, we’ll install Precision and calibrate your crank in-house and we will ship it right back to you.


Our target is to begin fulfilling our back orders in March. We recognize that some of you have been waiting for quite a while, so if you need to change or cancel your order please contact

Precision update January 23rd 2015

Hi Everyone,We have confirmed the solution to address the Precision installation setbacks.
This solution will be the one that you’ll be riding with very soon.
We are currently working through the logistics and we plan to share the details with you next week!

The Precision Team

Precision update January 15th 2015

It has been a busy and exciting few months since the $399 Precision Power Meter was announced at Interbike in September. Precision is impacting the power meter market and we’re grateful that so many of you have put your support behind our efforts.

While first Precision units were promised to have shipped in December, unexpected setbacks with the self-installation process were encountered and have caused a delay. We understand that you are anxious to know the status of Precision and when shipments will begin however this exact date hinges upon Precision meeting our promise to you with regards to quality and performance.

Our engineering team is working overtime and pulling out all the stops to ensure that everyone who has pre-ordered a Precision will be confidently riding with power this spring.

Beginning Friday January 23rd, we’ll be posting regular Product updates on Facebook and our website.

Thanks again for your support and patience

Precision update from December 12th 2014

We didn’t hit the December 10th shipping date, but we aren’t far off the mark. First units will start shipping at the end of December! Our commitment continues to get Precision on your bike this spring. We are testing with local Beta users to finalize the last details.

We will be shipping aluminum-compatible Precisions starting with crank manufacturer and model number. The compatibility list will be updated on the website as final testing is completed on the cranks.

Carbon-compatible Precision will be available when the full suite of testing and calibration is done on a manufacturer and model number basis. In the meantime, do not install an aluminum-compatible Precision on a carbon crank, as this will void the warranty.

Since we announced at Interbike in September, the design of the unit has been further improved, making it easier to install and now, the unit is even smaller to accommodate tighter clearances on more bikes. Here’s a sneak peak at Precision.

Precision update