PRECISION Hero: Dr. Hardy likes to work hard

image1Dr. Hardy on a recent ride in NZ on top of the Crown Range.

Name: Tim Hardy
Hometown: Tweed Heads, Australia
Profession: Family physician

To what cycling tribe do you belong?
I’m one of the great masses of “mature” endurance riders in their 50’s. I’ve been cycling for many years, mostly road bike commuting, triathlon and Sportive type events.


When and how did you get into serious biking?
Three years ago for several reasons, I started commuting the 45 km round trip from home to work five days per week. It’s a good example for my patients as well.


Why do you bike?
My work is very busy and demanding so cycling is my switch-off, recharge and solitude activity.


When did you start thinking about a power meter and why did you choose PRECISION?
As my mileage increased, I became fitter and started looking for a good climbing challenge so I signed up for the Haute Route Pyrenees 2015 back in October 2014. In preparation for the event, I wanted to monitor my training performance and after research, I realized the only objective method was to look at my power output. That was about the time 4iiii was bringing out the Precision Power Meter.


Why did you choose the 4iiii PRECISION power meter?
Price was definitely a factor as I could not justify spending over $1000 given the cycling I was doing. So far, I could not be happier.


What’s your current bike and technology?
I ride a Trek Domane 5.9 2015 compact and just had a 32 cassette upgrade from 28 for climbing bliss. Here is my first ride with the new cassette: I use a Garmin 510 computer headset on the bike displaying average 10 sec power (useful when climbing), average 3 sec power (flat riding) and average lap power.  Apart from these numbers and cadence I don’t need any other data.


How has riding with a power meter changed how you ride?
The main benefit for me with the PRECISION power meter has been pacing in climbing endurance rides particularly riding with others where it is easy to over-extend oneself on a climb and “pop”. Knowing my FTP and my power zones is incredibly useful for me on long endurance rides in training and especially on a multi-day stage event like the Haute Route where riding within oneself to make the end of the week yet performing well each day and getting stronger is the goal. This way I ride to my limits AND enjoy the journey!


What’s been your experience with PRECISION for indoor training?
I use a Wahoo Kickr for indoor sessions and have been very satisfied with the consistency across the two power data sources. I found the PRECISION power meter was about 15W reliably under-reading in the 120W-400W range which would be expected as I am right leg dominant.


Do you have a favourite ride?
My favourite ride is a loop through the local Tweed Valley with some challenging steep climbs and sections of gravel while riding through rainforest and cane fields.


What is your next big riding challenge?
In September, I will ride with a couple of mates from last year’s Haute Route Pyrenees in the HR Dolomites as “Team Quattro Formaggi” – who doesn’t like cheese right? And we like eating pizza!

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