Cochrane, AB Canada, May 20, 2020 1300H GMT
4iiii Innovations Inc. welcomes Phil White as its Acting President to fortify the company’s growth
trajectory as an innovation leader in sports electronics and sensor technology. White was the co-
founder of Cervélo Cycles, a global brand well known for innovation that grew from a school basement
project to be the world leader in road and triathlon. Upon the sale of Cervélo Cycles to Pon Holdings,
White assumed the role of Chief Innovation Officer at Pon.Bike until 2017. Most recently, White has
been providing expertise and mentorship as a 4iiii Board member.

Kip Fyfe, 4iiii CEO, and the Board of Directors are delighted to welcome Phil. Kip added “Despite this
challenging economic climate, 4iiii is seeing solid demand for trainers and power meters. Phil
understands the need to support the current demand and also plan for our innovation & growth. His
unique blend of strengths in design, manufacturing and marketing make him the ideal candidate to lead
the team over the next quarter and potentially beyond.”

“I’m excited to be involved with an innovative company and a fantastic team” White commented. “4iiii
is a leader in sport electronics and is a major player in indoor cycling and fitness. 4iiii equipped bikes
have won Paris-Roubaix and stages of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. This year, André Greipel
and the Israel Start-Up Nation UCI Men’s World Tour team as well as the Tibco SVB UCI Women’s
World Tour team are riding with 4iiii power meters. Pro cyclists choose 4iiii PRECISION Powermeters
because they are the most reliable and their proprietary tri-axial strain gauges make them more
accurate than anyone else.”

4iiii is well positioned to support both dealers and consumers, even with the increased demand for
indoor training and virtual racing in today’s COVID-19 reality. White adds “I was really impressed how
the team immediately adapted to COVID-19 by moving most people to work from home and creating
isolated assembly and quality stations in the factory to keep production going. These quick, innovative
changes have allowed the company to keep our dealers and the 4iiii.com store well stocked as
demand has skyrocketed for our trainers and power meters.”

About Phil White
Phil White co-founded Cervélo Cycles with Gerard Vroomen in 1996. White and Vroomen took
Cervélo from a basement school project to the pinnacle of triathlon and road cycling. Cervélo became
the engineering leader in the bike industry and helped redefine cycling. They designed the most
popular triathlon bike in the world (based on the Ironman bike count) and the most popular bike in pro
cycling (based on CyclingNews reader polls). Tour Magazine recognized Cervélo as the continued
engineering leader when they found it was the fastest bike in every category that they tested (aero
road, lightweight road, and TT/triathlon). They were also the first bike company in decades to drive
the sport forward by starting their own pro cycling team, the Cervélo Test Team. After Cervélo’s sale
to Pon Holdings in 2012, Phil assumed the role of Chief Innovation Officer and remained as the non-
executive Chairman of Cervélo. Since 2017, White has pursued adventures in innovation, mobility
and performance. Phil believes in the power of entrepreneurship, innovation, and design and enjoys
sharing his expertise and knowledge as a guest speaker and lecturer at universities and colleges
throughout the world. He is a member of the 4iiii external Board of Directors.

About 4iiii Innovations Inc.
4iiii is a Canadian sports technology company based in Cochrane, Alberta. 4iiii is a team of engineers
and athletes dedicated to improving personal performance through the development of superior
training tools, including cycling power meters, heart rate monitors, and cycling trainers for the outdoor
and indoor cycling and fitness markets. The company seeks to build not only the best and most
accurate equipment but to do so at an affordable price so that every athlete can gain the benefits of
better training. 4iiii equipped bikes have won Paris-Roubaix and stages of the Tour de France and
Giro d’Italia. The company currently sponsors many professional teams including André Greipel and
the Israeli Start-Up Nation and TIBCO Silicon Valley Bank UCI World Tour Pro Cycling teams.
Complementing the benefits of power meter data, 4iiii also offers the Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor and
Fliiiight Smart Trainer. Viiiiva not only measures your heart rate, but also stores up to 65 hours of data
from connected sensors and lets you bridge ANT+ devices to bluetooth-enabled devices like your phone,
tablet, or PC. Fliiiight is a silent, non-contact smart trainer that raises the bar for accessible quiet indoor
training. Learn more at 4iiii.com

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The 4iiii Powermeter That Finds Your Bike

Monterey, California, U.S.A (April 2, 2019) – 4iiii Innovations Inc., together with Chipolo d.o.o., announce their next cutting-edge innovation, a free bike tracking feature to be integrated onto a bike which can be experienced at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic. Chipolo tracking is now offered as a standard feature in the 4iiii PRECISION Powermeter family.

“At 4iiii, we continue with our commitment to add value to our products long after they have been purchased and we strive to protect the investment of our Triiiibe” says Eric Gerstenbuher, 4iiii Managing Director. Effective April 10th, all models in the 4iiii PRECISION family of powermeters, including PRECISION and Podiiiium models, will be empowered to find your bike, fight theft, and grow the tracking network.

“…I think the concept is fascinating. No, this won’t stop a thief from stealing your bike (likely out of your home or perhaps while you have a coffee at a café post-ride), but it will give you one more tool in your arsenal for getting back your bike. And I could see if you were looking at similar power meters options…this could push you over the edge towards 4iiii.”DC Rainmaker, CES, 2019.

The tracking functionality will show the last known location of your bike within the refreshed 4iiii app. To activate the tracking for a lost bike, riders will mark the powermeter as ‘lost’, then, any 4iiii or Chipolo apps on a smartphone in Bluetooth® range, will unobtrusively ‘ping’ the powermeter on the bike. When a phone successfully communicates with the lost bike it will send this location to the owner.

“Our mission is to give every product the power to be found. And with integrating Chipolo technology into the 4iiii Powermeter we are going one step forward. Chipolo is now available to integrators through the obvıous. app store to integrate into many diverse products.” said Chipolo CTO, Jure Zdovc.

The refreshed 4iiii app leverages the obvıous. platform allowing 4iiii to release future-proofed products that accept new features and functionality by enabling riders to simply upgrade their current product. In addition to the tracking capability, the 4iiii app will continue to offer powermeter pairing and unpairing, work-out metrics, Viiiiva passthrough and filesave, over the air updates, customization of devices and more. The refreshed app is currently available as iOS only, but will be released via Android in the near future. The new Chipolo tracking feature will work on all previously purchased 4iiii Powermeters.

The Chipolo tracking feature on 4iiii Powermeters is enabled via the refreshed 4iiii app which will be available April 2nd through the iOS App Store with the tracking feature available on April 10th to all 4iiii customers, present and future, at no cost.

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4iiii Issues Challenge to Power Meter Industry

Boulder, CO: 4iiii Innovations Inc. requested a study to independently test the accuracy of the PRECISION Powermeter technology at the Locomotion Lab. The complete results of the tests have been released in a white paper written by Rodger Kram, Ph.D. and Wouter Hoogkramer, Ph.D.,  both of the University of Colorado, Boulder and Scott Cooper, P.h.D. of 4iiii Innovations Inc.

These third-party test results prove the accuracy of PRECISION and Podiiiium PRECISION Powermeters.

The tests included multiple PRECISION PRO and Podiiiium Pro PRECISION Powermeters on alloy and carbon cranks being compared to power calculated by a bike treadmill for outputs ranging from 150-350W. Results showed an average error in power reading of 1.58% for PRECISION PRO Powermeters and 0.84% for Podiiiium Pro PRECISION Powermeters on carbon cranks.

Following the results of the test, 4iiii CEO Kip Fyfe issued a challenge to the rest of the cycling power meter industry. “We’d like to establish a new gold standard for testing in the industry,” said Fyfe. “We challenge all of our competitors to have their technology independently tested by the lab in Boulder.”

About Locomotion Labs

The Locomotion Lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder is a world-class facility renowned for independent analysis of biometric performance systems. Rodger Kram, Ph.D. and his team at the Locomotion Lab have developed an objective testing protocol to confidently determine the accuracy of power meters used on bicycles.

Podiiiium PRECISION Powermeter Now Available in Ride Ready Options

FOR RELEASE Sept 18, 2018

Reno, NV., U.S.A (Sept. 18, 2018)- 4iiii Innovations Inc. announces the much anticipated Ride Ready offering of Podiiiium PRECISION powermeters at Interbike 2018, the largest annual industry bike show in North America.

Podiiiium, the rechargeable, low profile offering in the PRECISION product family is now available and shipping on Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 non-drive side crank arms. Previously only available as a Factory Install option on user supplied cranks,
Podiiiium now joins the PRECISION Ride Ready lineup online and in stores worldwide.

At just 7.5 grams, Podiiiium shares the same lightweight, accurate, waterproof and extremely durable features that cyclists have come to expect from 4iiii, and is compatible with other PRECISION Powermeters to complete dual configurations. Podiiiium Ride Ready is available starting at $399.99 for the 105, $499.99 for Ultegra and $599.99 for Dura-Ace in US dollars.

“The Podiiiium platform shows our commitment to building innovative products with our customers’ needs in mind. Being rechargeable, Podiiiium removes the need to change batteries and the low profile fits discreetly and protected behind the chainring. ” says Product Manager, Scott Cooper, Ph.D.

For those looking for the best powermeter to be installed on their own crank, 4iiii offers its custom Factory Install program with compatibility options including SRAM, Campagnolo, FSA and many more. 4iiii supports powermeter installation on alloy and carbon cranks maintaining an accuracy of +/-1% on the products delivered. Podiiiium is designed to support a full suite of dual compatibility which gives the customer more flexibility to choose single or dual to support their training needs. A full list of Factory Install compatible cranks can be found at https://4iiii.com/support/software-and-documentation/

Ride Ready Podiiiium PRECISION Powermeters will be launched at Interbike 2018 in Reno, Nevada and will be available for customer purchase immediately.

Boulder White Paper



To download our full media release click here.

4iiii Appoints new CFO from Energy Sector

4iiii Innovations Inc. a global leader in Sports Electronics is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Glasspoole CPA.CA  as its Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”).

Mr. Glasspoole brings strong leadership and expertise to the company as it diversifies its strong Sports Sensor portfolio to the Energy Sector and scales to volume production in both sectors.  He previously held key positions with Pratt & Whitney Canada, KPMG, and Pason Systems, the industry’s only oilfield specialist offering a fully integrated drilling data solution. He brings 10 years of CFO experience in Calgary’s Oil and Gas sector, 10 years in high tech manufacturing at Pratt & Whitney, and 12 years of senior finance and capital market experience working in both private and public markets.

“I can’t imagine a more thrilling time to be joining 4iiii” Glasspoole said.  “ The company has an established and proven track record in Sport and is now disrupting the Energy Sector which I believe is going to be a game changer not only for the industry, but for the local community which is quickly becoming a high tech innovation center adjacent to the Calgary core.”

“I would like to extend a hearty welcome to Jim on behalf of the Board  and the rest of the 4iiii team.” says Kip Fyfe, 4iiii President. “We are taking our revolutionary torque sensing technology and manufacturing innovation that is disrupting the cycling space and applying it to the Energy sector.  Jim’s experience in high tech manufacturing, operations and finance will be key to transforming and growing our markets and ensuring that our strength as nimble innovators and manufacturers is fueled to continue to flourish.

About 4iiii

Cochrane, Alberta based 4iiii Innovations Inc. has established a Global reputation for technology leadership in sports sensors most recently recognized for its PRECISION line of powermeters being used over the last 3 years by the most winning teams at the Tour de France.  4iiii technology is chosen by Specialized to be their technology of choice for their standard powermeter offering on the 2019 Tarmac and is currently at Tour de France under the Specialized brand on teams Quick-Step Floors and BORA – hansgrohe.(https://4iiii.com/specialized-partners-4iiii-include-world-championship-winning-technology-s-works-power-cranks/)  

Visit 4iiii.com for the latest in sports performance data products, and Hawkiiii.com for Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”)sensor tech first being introduced to the energy sector.

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