Smarter. Faster. Safer.

We’re an up-and-coming organization with deep experience in wearable sports technology. We love nothing better than to create exciting new products that help athletes and enthusiasts reach their personal bests, safely.

When we’re not inventing leading-edge electronics, we work hard, train hard, and believe in fair play – whatever the game is.

Why Work With Us?

  1. 4iiii products appeal to all sports enthusiasts, from beginner to pro
  2. We enforce Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) policy to give you consistent, attainable margins
  3. We’re committed to helping train your staff and providing product support
  4. Our relationship with Etixx Quick-Step and other pro teams endorse our products to your customers

How to Apply

We’re glad you’re interested in 4iiii, and we look forward to working with you.

Our application process is a simple process.
First, you will need to review and agree to our dealer agreement to make sure you meet our basic criteria. This includes the following:
– A minimum of one physical store location
– A business focus on sport and fitness/wellness
– Trained sales and technical staff
– A commitment to our Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) policy
– The ability to demonstrate physical products (not just video or online)
– Pre and post-sales support

To get started please click below to register a dealer.

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