SOC16: Power measurement enters third dimension with new 4iiii Precision 2.0 meter (Bike Rumour)

Introduced at Interbike 2014, the 4iiii power meter has come a long way very quickly. Originally planned as a DIY add on, they showed an even smaller unit at Sea Otter last year and introduced their factory installation option. Now, they’ve done away with the end user installation option and are offering two ways to get their power […]

Engineering opportunities: 4iiii co-founder profile

For Victoria Brilz everything is a possibility now, but as a Medicine Hat College student in 1976 she couldn’t have imagined her future would include: Working for IBM to bring results of the Olympics online. Making a deal with Nike and having her company featured on the cover of Popular Science magazine. Developing high performance […]

New Partnership for 4iiii

4iiii Innovations Incorporated (4iiii) has announced another partnership to support a pro cycling team. In partnership with ARGON18, a high-end bicycle manufacturer, and SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, 4iiii will be supporting SAS – Macogep – Acquisio, a women’s pro cycling team based out of Quebec for the 2016 cycling season.