Precision update February 27th 2015

For those of you who have asked to buy a new left-only crank with Precision installed, our Crank Purchase program is in motion! This limited-time offer will allow you to order a new crank that will come directly to us for Factory Install and then ship straight to you. The good people at Shimano are […]

Precision update February 20th 2015

Here is how things are lining up for all Precision orders, including Clever Training customers. As your delivery comes up in the queue, we will first email and confirm your address, order and crank information. With your confirmation, we will send a prepaid shipping box directly to you.   You will send us your compatible crank […]

Precision update February 13th 2015

Our progress for March Factory Installations of Precision continues to stay on track. Details surrounding the logistics of shipping cranks back and forth around the world are testing this week.  We have packages going both directions between countries and continents  –  time up front to get every detail right will be worthwhile to ensure that […]

Precision update February 6th 2015

The Precision Factory Install program is right on schedule which means that those of you with compatible cranks (i.e. aluminum with a flat interior profile) will be able to train with left, right and left+right power this upcoming season. Check out the photos below of Janelle riding with Precision last week in the great white […]

Precision update January 30th 2015

Hi Everyone,   As promised, here is the unfolding logistics plan to address the self-installation setbacks that we encountered in early January. To ensure that you’re riding with affordable power as quickly as possible, we’ll be providing factory installations of Precision onto your compatible cranks at no additional cost. Here’s how it’s going to work. […]

Precision update January 23rd 2015

Hi Everyone,We have confirmed the solution to address the Precision installation setbacks. This solution will be the one that you’ll be riding with very soon. We are currently working through the logistics and we plan to share the details with you next week! The Precision Team

Precision update January 15th 2015

It has been a busy and exciting few months since the $399 Precision Power Meter was announced at Interbike in September. Precision is impacting the power meter market and we’re grateful that so many of you have put your support behind our efforts. While first Precision units were promised to have shipped in December, unexpected […]

Precision update from December 12th 2014

We didn’t hit the December 10th shipping date, but we aren’t far off the mark. First units will start shipping at the end of December! Our commitment continues to get Precision on your bike this spring. We are testing with local Beta users to finalize the last details. We will be shipping aluminum-compatible Precisions starting […]