4iiii App FAQs

I’ve seen problems with my 4iiii App… what should I do?

Make sure you have updated your 4iiii app. If after updating you are still experiencing problems, let us know at support@4iiii.com. Please be prepared to tell us:
– 4iiii App version
– iOS version
– Device type (iPhone 5/4s, iPod touch, etc)
– Type of soft strap you use (the one that came with Viiiiva in the box or other)
– The email address for your 4iiii Profile
– Viiiiva serial number (near the top of the Viiiiva Configuration screen)
– Viiiiva FW version (at the bottom right of the Viiiiva Configuration screen)
– Any other apps that you are trying to use along with Viiiiva

I can’t update my firmware, or see paired sensors on my iOS 8 device!

There was an issue updating firmware and pairing sensors on iOS 8 with version 1.9.0 of the 4iiii app. We’ve released our update, and iOS 8 should be fully compatible now. Just download version 1.10.0 or later from the app store, and you should be up and running.


My device information doesn’t show in the app, and then it disconnects.

This problem occurs after the latest firmware updates for Viiiiva (2.0) and PRECISION (0.3.0).  The solution is that your phone’s Bluetooth cache needs to be cleared.

On iOS: Connect to your Viiiiva or PRECISION, the tap “Forget device”, and then kill the app.  Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, turn Bluetooth off, and then back on again.

On Android: Try the same procedure.  If that doesn’t work.  Go to Settings->Apps->Bluetooth Share, and tap the “clear cache” button.

Your updated device should now be working properly.