Podiiiium FAQ

How long does Podiiiium take to charge?

It takes approximately 2hr to charge your Podiiiium Powermeter.

What kind of charger does Podiiiium use?

You can charge your Podiiiium Powermeter with the 4iiii approved 90o micro-USB which came with your powermeter.  Using any other charger may void your warranty.  Podiiiium Pro Powermeters are shipped with a Y-splitter cable to charge both sides of your powermeter at the same time.

How long will one charge last on the Podiiiium?

A fully charged Podiiiium will have an active battery life of approximately 60 hours. You can check the battery status level using the 4iiii App.

How do I store my Podiiiium?

We recommend that if you are storing your powermeter for longer periods of time to do so with a battery charge around 50%, not at 100%.

Is Podiiiium Waterproof?

Yes, Podiiiium Powermeters have an IPx7 water rating meaning they can be fully submerged in water. Please avoid washing the powermeter with high pressure water jet stream. To better protect your powermeter, always have your dust cap in place to prevent foreign objects from entering the charging port.

Do Podiiiium Powermeters have temperature compensation?

Yes! The Podiiiium Powermeter will compensate for temperature during your ride to ensure it maintains its high accuracy.

What does the LED light indicate?

When you first wake up your power meter by spinning the cranks several times the battery life will be indicated:

  • 75-100% – LED displays green for 3 seconds (long flash)
  • 50-75% – LED displays five 1-second flashes (short flashes)
  • 25-50% – LED shows one red long flash
  • 0-25% – LED shows five red short flashes   

When you perform a zero-offset, the following indications will be made:

  • Success – One long blue flash
  • Crank movement or hardware error (gauge error or solder joint) – two short blue flashes
  • Firmware mismatch – four short blue flashes
  • Firmware error (INVALID CAL) – five short blue flashes

Can I use any micro-USB charging cable?

No, please use the provided USB charging cable.

What do I do if I lose the dust cover for the micro-USB port?

Contact the customer service team at 4iiii Innovations to order a replacement.

I just updated my firmware to version 1.3.0 and now my powermeter doesn’t show power or cadence. What do I do?

Please restart your phone and reconnect to your Podiiiium Powermeter. You will be prompted for a Feature Update, install this and you will be ready to ride!