Note to Current Customers:
We are doing our very best to communicate with you directly so watch for emails from us. It is important that we know information on which crank you have (i.e. crank type and model name), so that we can process your order easily and quickly. If you have not yet provided us with this information, please email us your details at

Note to New Customers:
To ensure your compatibility with PRECISION, please view the compatibility chart on the product page.


How do I get a PRECISION Powermeter?

PRECISION power meters can be ordered from our website, or from our authorized resellers.

We sell PRECISION through our Factory Install program where you send us your crank arm, we install the powermeter and send it back to you.

Our Ride Ready program allows you to buy a PRECISION Powermeter installed on a brand new Shimano crank arm.

How does the PRECISION Factory Install offering work?

  • – You place the order online.
  • – We send you instructions to verify you have sufficient clearance for the powermeter.
  • – We send you a pre-paid FedEx shipping label.
  • – You send us the left crank arm.
  • – We install the power meter and send the finished product back to you. It usually takes us 3-5 business days to install the powermeter, and shipping time is usually 2 days in either direction.
  • – You pay for return shipping, VAT and duty.

Please review this video for more information.

You can also order a pre-installed PRECISION from our Ride Ready program. These crank arms will be shipping in July 2016.

Is the installation on the left crank arm permanent? I may eventually change my crank.

Installation of PRECISION requires laser removal of some surface material under the powermeter.  Removal of the power meter will expose that area and also destroy the unit.  It is not transferable to another crank arm. Removal would void the warranty.

Are there additional fees for the factory installation?

Our factory installed PRECISION Powermeters cost $399.99 USD + shipping, which is calculated during the checkout process. In addition to this, international customers may need to pay taxes and duties (such as VAT) that are assessed by their government. Our carrier will also charge a convenience fee for paying these duties and taxes at the time of import, and customers are responsible for paying that fee as well.

How do I prepare my crank arm for shipment?

Your digital ship kit includes information on how to check for sufficient clearance, and how to mark your preferred installation position. We ask that Shimano crank owners remove the two pinch bolts and the plastic retention clip from their crank before sending it. Cannondale crank owners should remove the crank arm fixing bolt from the crank arm before sending it.

Which cranks are compatible with PRECISION & Podiiiium?

Both models are currently compatible with most aluminum crank arms and select carbon with flat surfaces on the inside of the left crank arm. A full compatibility list is available here.

Which bikes are compatible with PRECISION?

PRECISION needs 10mm of clearance between the crank arm and the nearest bike component. This isn’t an issue for most customers, but some frames do have tight clearance so pay particular attention when marking the installation location. Customers with bikes that have bottom-bracket mounted brakes might also have clearance issues. If you are unsure of fitment, even after following the instructions in your digital ship kit, you can request that we send you a physical ship kit, with a dummy pod so that can make sure you have enough space.

How long does it take to have PRECISION installed?

The turnaround is quick. We only need to have your crank for 4-6 days to complete the installation. Shipping time also needs to be considered (usually 1-2 days in either direction).

Is there a wait?

We’re normally ready to receive your crank arm a few days after you place your order.  If you haven’t heard from us, please contact

Any thoughts on when dual sided powermeters will be available and cost?

4iiii’s dual-sided PRECISION will be available for purchase starting July 2016. This offering will be introduced through the company’s established Factory Install program for $749.99 US and initially installed on customers’ and dealers’ own Shimano’s Dura Ace 9000 cranksets. Click here for the full story.

Can my left-sided powermeter be upgraded to a dual-sided unit?

If a PRECISION Powermeter is installed on a dual-sided compatible crank arm, you can upgrade your existing PRECISION Powermeter to a dual-sided PRECISION PRO Powermeter.  Please refer to our crank arm compatibility list for PRECISION PRO.

What about self-install?

Our engineers continue to strive for this goal. We’ll keep this FAQ up to date with any changes as they develop.

What conditions can I use PRECISION in?

PRECISION is waterproof and dustproof, and can be used in temperatures between 0°C and 40°C. PRECISION power meters can be stored at temperatures of up to 60°C.

How does my local bike shop become an authorized PRECISION reseller?

If there is a local bike shop in your area that you’d like to see authorized, please introduce us via Dealers can also apply here.

What is the current PRECISION firmware version?

The current PRECISION firmware version is 2.1.0.  To receive the latest firmware version on your PRECISION Powermeter:

  1. Ensure you are running the latest version of the 4iiii app on your iOS or Android device
  2. Connect to your PRECISION Powermeter using the latest version of the 4iiii app
  3. Follow the prompts to install the latest version of the PRECISION firmware using the 4iiii app

Is PRECISION compatible with carbon cranks?

PRECISION is available on select carbon cranks with flat surfaces on the inside of the crank. A full list of compatibility can be found here.

Can PRECISION be moved from bike to bike?

A crank arm with PRECISION installed can be moved to a different bike, assuming that it has a compatible crank installed, and crank arms of the same length.  The PRECISION pod cannot be removed from a crank arm and placed onto a different crank arm without damaging the power sensor.

Is PRECISION compatible with the Cervélo P5 bike?

Unfortunately, there is insufficient clearance between the frame and the crank to be able to install a PRECISION power meter on the Cervélo P5 bike. This applies to P5’s equipped with Dura-Ace and Ultegra cranks.

Does 4iiii have a distributor in Thailand?

Yes. Our partner there is Bike & Body Thailand. They can be reached at:

My PRECISION Powermeter is running the latest version firmware (version 2.1.0), what to the numbers mean on my ANT+ power display after I zero (calibrate) my powermeter?

Instead of displaying zero offset values, a simple 10 indicates that everything is good to go.  Below is a list of status values and their meaning.

10 – Good, ready to ride

20 – Unstable data (bike not stationary)

30 – Low battery (less than 10%)

50 – Calibration error – contact support

PRECISION Troubleshooting

Updated to firmware 1.5.0 and now I can’t connect to my Garmin

Please follow these steps:

Ensure you are using the correct version of the 4iiii app.
1.24.0 for iOS and 1.8.0 for Android.

On your phone turn off bluetooth then turn it back on again.

In the 4iiii app, go to the PRECISION screen.

You will see a message for a feature update. Accept this update.
The screen will go grey for a moment then return to the PRECISION screen.

You should now be able to connect to your Garmin device.

Why can’t I pair or zero my PRECISION with my Garmin head unit?

Some bike computers connect to sensors in a set order. If you have a heart rate monitor paired with your bike computer and PRECISION won’t pair, or won’t zero (calibrate), either unpair/remove your heart rate monitor from your bike computer, or make sure that you’re wearing it during the procedure.

Why do I see cadence numbers and no power numbers (or extremely high power numbers)?

Ensure you are running the latest version 2.1.0 firmware on your PRECISION Powermeter.  This information is displayed on the iOS and Android compatible 4iiiii App when you connect to your PRECISION Powermeter.

Once you are running on the latest firmware, zero (calibrate) your powermeter and you are good to go.  If you are still experience problems, please contact support at

How do I zero, or calibrate my PRECISION powermeter?

In order to zero your powermeter, get off the bike and make sure your PRECISION is awake by turning the crank a few times. Ensure that the bike is stationary, and upright (held in a trainer, or leaned against a wall).  Make sure that you’re unclipped from your pedals and that the left crank arm is pointing straight down. Then use the Calibrate option in your bike computer to complete the procedure. Alternately, you can use our 4iiii app to zero the power meter (through the workout screen).

When should I zero, or calibrate my PRECISION powermeter?

To get the most accuracy out of your PRECISION Powermeter, we recommend that you zero or calibrate your PRECISION Powermeter at the beginning of your ride.

If your bike has been stored at a very different temperature than what you are riding in, say from a hot car or garage to the cool outdoors, you should give your bike a few minutes to reach riding temperature and zero or calibrate your powermeter.

Durability: How durable is PRECISION? Will it need to be recalibrated if my bike falls over or will the module get knocked off?

We have intentionally designed PRECISION to be well situated in a protected area – It’s practically impossible to knock it or hit it on the drive side, and while the left side is more open, it is still very well protected. We do not anticipate any issues with durability.

How does PRECISION manage shock and false power readings when riding over bumps and terrain?

PRECISION has integrated accelerometer technology and we have PhD gurus writing algorithms that are able to differentiate the bumps from true power. These algorithms are always improving. That is why our over-the-air upgrade feature is so important; you can keep getting improved algorithms and features. So far, all feature upgrades from 4iiii have been free.

Are your powermeters upgradable?

Yes! PRECISION is over-the-air upgradable.  We will continue to provide improvements and additional features in the form of firmware updates. You can install these updates using our 4iiii app (available for current iOS and Android devices).

Are iOS and Android supported?

The 4iiii app will provide basic visibility to the power data to ensure that your PRECISION is connecting properly. You can use your power app of choice on your smartphone or head unit.

Is PRECISION Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatible?

Yes! PRECISION can talk to any Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ enabled smartphone or head unit because it supports both standards.

How rigorous is the PRECISION calibration method?

We believe that we may have the most rigorous calibration validation methods in the industry.

What can I do if I’m having trouble with my PRECISION powermeter?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this FAQ, you can drop us an email at and we’ll give you a hand.