Sport App FAQs

Do I need an account to use the 4iiii Sport app?

Yes, you must log on to unlock all the features and get the most out of your 4iiii Products.

Can multiple accounts log onto the app at the same time?

No, you can only have one sign in at a time on the app.

Can I pair devices from companies other than 4iiii?

No, you can only connect to 4iiii devices with the 4iiii Sport app.

Can I use the 4iiii app to do workouts?

Yes, once you’ve connected to your 4iiii devices and clicked the workout tab on the app, you can view and save all of your data in real-time.

Why do I need to include information in the rider profile?

This information is not collected by 4iiii. It is used to more accurately estimate calories burned when using the workout screen in the app.

I have an Android phone. Can I still update to the newest version of the app?

Currently, the newest version of the 4iiii app is only available for iOS from the App Store. Stay tuned as an Android version of the app is coming soon!

Can I upload workouts I recorded using the Workout Page to third-party sites such as Training Peaks and Strava?

Currently, you will have to manually upload this yourself. Our team is working with our partners to offer direct upload workouts soon!

What if I don’t see my device on the list but I know it is turned on?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Close all other apps on your phone or any nearby Bluetooth device. After this, try researching for your device. (Note: Bluetooth is a one-to-one connection. Once a Bluetooth device is connected to another, it cannot make a second connection (this includes multiple apps on a single phone.)
  2. For Viiiiva and PRECISION Powermeters, remove the battery and wait 5 seconds. Replace the battery and try searching for your device.

How do I unregister a powermeter?

Please see the User Manual for the 4iiii app.

On the previous app there was the ability to turn on "3rd Party App" compatibility but I can’t find that function in the new app. What do I do?

No need to worry! We have included this as always turned on so you will always be ready to ride with your 4iiii Powermeter on your favourite app.

Finder Feature FAQs

What is the finder feature?

The finder feature is a unique development which allows you to utilize the Chipolo network to locate your PRECISION or Podiiiium Powermeter. Once activated, it can be accessed on the finder feature tab of the 4iiii Sport app. With a registered powermeter, you will then be able to see the last known locations of your powermeter to help you locate it.

Is my phone compatible with the finder feature?

Yes, make sure you update the 4iiii app from the App Store and activate the tracking feature to track your 4iiii Powermeter. If you lose your powermeter, mark as lost and the map will show the last known location and will update as soon as it is located by the Chipolo network.

I have an Android smartphone. Can I use the Finder Feature?

Currently, the newest version of the 4iiii app (which is required to use the finder feature) is only available for iOS from the App Store. Stay tuned as an Android version of the app is coming soon!

How much does it cost? Is it free?

Yes, the finder feature is a FREE upgrade on any new or previously purchased 4iiii Powermeter.

How do I create an account?

Simply logging into the 4iiii app creates an account to unlock powermeter features.

Can I add more than one finder to my account?

Yes, you can add multiple powermeters on the same account but a single powermeter cannot be shared by multiple accounts.

How do I transfer my finder feature to another powermeter?

You cannot transfer the finder feature to another device. If you sell or give your powermeter to someone else, “unregister” the crank from your 4iiii Account and the new owner can register it as their own.

Can other people see my powermeter?

No, only you can track your powermeter through the 4iiii app once your device is registered.

Can I share my finder feature?

No, the finder feature is individually registered to your device.

How can I find my powermeter when it’s lost?

With the finder feature active, simply mark it as lost in the 4iiii app. The last known location of the powermeter will be indicated with a time, date stamp and any future locations identified by the Chipolo network will be automatically updated.

Will my previous powermeter support the finder feature?

Yes, all previous versions of 4iiii Powermeters are supported.

Can I choose a sound/ringtone?

No, there is no current ability to add a ringtone to your powermeter.

What is the range of the “pings” from the powermeter?

A tracking enabled powermeter will “ping” any 4iiii app and Chipolo user within Bluetooth range (typically 10-60m depending on objects between the device and powermeter).

Will my powermeter send out “pings” even when it is asleep?

Yes, regardless of whether your powermeter is powered on or asleep, it will continually send out “pings” to be received by the Chipolo network.

Does the Finder Feature decrease battery life?

Yes, the Finder Feature will decrease your battery life. For both PRECISION and Podiiiium Powermeters, the Finder Feature will drain the powermeter when not in use in approximately 6 months.