Viiiiva FAQs

What is Viiiiva?

Viiiiva is a Heart Rate Monitor that connects your full suite of ANT+® sensors to your iPhone®, with no awkward adapters and also works with your ANT+ watch or computer (Garmin, Timex, adidas).

The Liiiink Connectivity Module inside your Viiiiva turns your iPhone into a cycling computer or running monitor; delivering all your ANT+ data seamlessly and in real time using the free 4iiii App or any of the popular fitness Apps.

How do I pair my iPhone to Viiiiva?

Using the 4iiii app available here, you can pair Viiiiva to the iPhone. First, ensure that Bluetooth is ‘on’ in iPhone settings. Note that pairing is not accomplished in settings, but rather in the app. Follow the instructions: How-do-I-Pair-Viiiiva-to-the-4iiii-App. If you are using a 3rd party app, follow the specific app instructions for pairing sensors.

How do I link my ANT+ sensors to my iPhone using Viiiiva?

Using the 4iiii app available here, you can configure the ANT+ sensors to pass through Viiiiva to the iPhone. Once the ANT+ device connections are configured using the 4iiii app, you will be able to connect to those devices from your favourite app using Bluetooth Smart. Follow the instructions: How-do-I-pair-Viiiiva-to-my-ANT+-sensors

With which apps can I use Viiiiva?

Viiiiva transmits heart rate (HR) data over Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. We have tested Viiiiva’s HR data with many popular fitness apps including Digifit, Endomondo, MapMyFitness/MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Runmeter, Runtastic, and Strava.

For our latest test results, see: ios_viiiiva_as_hrm, Apps compatible with other ios_viiiiva_as_hybrid_device.

Is Viiiiva waterproof?

Viiiiva is waterproof to 3m depth, but might not produce reliable heart rate measurements while submerged (unless possibly worn under a wetsuit). The casing is sufficiently waterproof that you could wear it while swimming. To maintain the waterproofness, we recommend you exercise care when changing the battery to keep the gasket in place.

How should I store Viiiiva in between workouts?

Unsnap both sides of the module from the strap when not in use. Wipe clean the electrodes with a soft cloth to prevent salt build-up. If the module remains on the strap for long periods of time, corrosion can form on the contacts, degrading performance.

Can I pair my Viiiiva simultaneously to both the 4iiii app and 3rd party app?

No. When Viiiiva is paired with the 4iiii app, it no longer advertises or connects to other apps. If you would like to pair with a 3rd party app, press the Disconnect Viiiiva button in the 4iiii app; your Viiiiva will once again advertise itself to other apps.

Why can’t I see my other ANT+ sensors in other apps?

When we launched our new Viiiiva heart rate monitor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2013, we took some App providers by surprise. They weren’t ready to support multiple sensor data on a single connection. Viiiiva’s breakthrough Liiiink connectivity technology takes advantage of the Bluetooth Smart standard to manage multiple sensors’ data over a single connection. The good news is that you can be ‘smarter, faster, safer’ using the 4iiii app while we work with iPhone App developers to adopt this Bluetooth Smart feature. You can help by letting your favourite iPhone App provider know how much you are counting on them to let you use all your monitoring gear by supporting this simple Bluetooth Smart feature.

My heart rate shows up in the 4iiii app, but not my other sensors. Why??

Once you have paired the app to your Viiiiva, now you need to pair Viiiiva to your ANT+ sensors. Follow the instructions:How-do-I-pair-Viiiiva-to-my-ANT+-sensors

My heart rate reads 72, but that’s not my resting heart rate. Why??

Viiiiva’s heart rate numerical filter has a seed value of 72, so your measured heart rate will start there. After a few moments of activity, you should see your measured heart rate track your actual heart rate

Why can’t I pair to Viiiiva using iPhone settings?

Regular Bluetooth pairing (such as to your car audio system) is accomplished in the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. However, Viiiiva uses a low-energy protocol called Bluetooth Smart. So you need to turn ‘on’ Bluetooth in the iPhone settings, but that’s it. Then you go to the app to initiate Bluetooth Smart pairing.

How can I extend the battery life of Viiiiva?

While you workout Viiiiva will remember and search for the sensors to which it is paired. If you are not using one of your paired sensors during a workout, Viiiiva will use a small amount of battery life as it tries to connect with that missing sensor. If you do not want Viiiiva searching for a sensor, remove its pairing by using the Viiiiva Configuration page in the 4iiii app.

After your workout Viiiiva turns off within 2 minutes of removing the strap. However if Viiiiva is paired to an ANT+ sensor it will not turn off until the sensor stops transmitting data. Most standard sensors automatically turn off after a period of inactivity.

If you want to ensure that Viiiiva will turn off immediately after your workout, you can remove the pairing(s) by using the Viiiiva Configuration page in the 4iiii app.

In between workouts we recommend that you unsnap both sides of the module from the strap when not in use.

How does Viiiiva perform auto-calibration of my SRM power meter?

Viiiiva performs automatic calibration of your SRM power meter by following these steps:

1. Wait for speed to be greater than zero
2. Wait for cadence to remain zero for at least five seconds, measure the Zero Offset each second while waiting
3. The five successive Zero Offset measurements must not vary by more than +/- 4 Hz
If all three of the above conditions are met, a new zero offset is calculated by averaging the five successive measurements.
4. If the new zero offset is within 200 Hz difference from the previously saved zero offset, the new zero offset is saved.

After upgrading my Viiiiva firmware I can no longer pair Viiiiva with the 4iiii app, and my heart rate data does not come through to other fitness apps. What’s happening?

If you are experiencing this, chances are you upgraded from the version 1.2 firmware, which also requires a feature update. Remove the pairing to any other app, then press the magnifying glass button on the Viiiiva Configuration page of the 4iiii app. The app should find your Viiiiva, select it to pair and complete the feature updates.

What is the latest firmware version for Viiiiva?

1.11 – ANT+ to Bluetooth bridging

2.0 – Web Store, fitness equipment support, onboard activity logging, battery indicator, more responsive HR algorithm.