Viiiiva FAQs

What is Viiiiva?

Viiiiva heart rate monitor provides heart rate and R-R interval measurements simultaneously through both ANT+ and Bluetooth. Viiiiva works with ANT+ watches and bike computers and with Bluetooth enabled phones. Viiiiva’s bridging functionality can collect data from ANT+ sensors (power meters, speed/cadence sensors, footpods) and seamlessly, in real-time, transmit this information to any Bluetoooth enabled device. Viiiiva can also store sensor data internally so you can leave your phone, watch or head unit at home and upload your activity at a later time.

How do I pair my iPhone or Android device to the Viiiiva?

Using the 4iiii App (available on the App Store or Google Play), you can pair Viiiiva to your iPhone or Android device. First, ensure that Bluetooth is ‘on’ in iPhone settings then follow the instructions in Section 3 of the User Guide. If you are using a 3rd party app, follow the specific app instructions for pairing sensors.

How do I bridge ANT+ sensors to my Bluetooth device using Viiiiva?

Using the 4iiii App (available on the App Store or Google Play), you can configure ANT+ sensors to pass-through Viiiiva. Once the ANT+ device connections are configured using the 4iiii App, you will be able to connect to those devices from your favourite app using Bluetooth. Follow the instructions in Section 4 of the User Guide.

With which apps can I use Viiiiva?

Viiiiva transmits heart rate (HR) data over Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. We have tested Viiiiva’s HR data with many popular fitness apps including Zwift, Trainer Road, Sufferfest and many others.

Is Viiiiva waterproof?

Viiiiva is waterproof at a depth up to 3 meters but might not produce reliable heart rate measurements while submerged. However, the casing is sufficiently waterproof that you could wear it while swimming. To maintain the waterproofness, we recommend you exercise care when changing the battery to keep the gasket in place.

How should I store Viiiiva in between workouts?

Unsnap both sides of the module from the strap when not in use. Wipe clean the electrodes with a soft cloth to prevent salt build-up. If the module remains on the strap for long periods of time, corrosion can form on the contacts, degrading performance.

My heart rate shows up in the 4iiii app, but not my other sensors. Why??

Once you have paired the app to your Viiiiva, now you need to pair Viiiiva to your ANT+ sensors. Follow the instructions in Section 3 of the User Guide.

Can I pair my Viiiiva simultaneously to both the 4iiii app and 3rd party app?

No. When Viiiiva is paired with the 4iiii app, it no longer advertises or connects to other apps. If you would like to pair with a 3rd party app, press the Disconnect Viiiiva button in the 4iiii app; your Viiiiva will once again advertise itself to other apps.

Why can’t I pair to Viiiiva? It does not show up in the app scan list.

Try the following troubleshooting tips:

1) Make sure the Viiiiva is awake by turning it on (see detailed instructions in the User Guide) or rubbing the snap contacts.

2) It’s possible that the issue is with the strap rather than the unit. Try removing the strap from the Viiiiva, rub the two snaps on the back of the module, and see if that wakes up the Viiiiva.

3) Replace the Viiiiva battery with a fresh battery. Follow the instructions in Section10 of the User Guide.

4) Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone

5) Close the 4iiii app and relaunch.

6) Delete the 4iiii app then reinstall from the App Store, launch, and scan for Viiiiva.

Why is my Viiiiva is not reporting the correct heart rate?

Try the following troubleshooting tips:

1) Ensure the Viiiiva is being worn right-side up. Follow the instructions in Section 1 of the User Guide.

2) Ensure the Viiiiva strap is snug.

3) Ensure the Viiiiva strap contacts are wet so that they make good connection to the skin.

4) Replace the Viiiiva battery with a fresh battery. Follow the instructions in section 9 of the User Guide.

5) Wash the strap – a noticeable buildup of sweat and dirt can affect the conductivity of the strap. Follow the instructions in Section 10 of the User Guide.

6) Use a non-abrasive material to rub vinegar on the metal contacts of both the strap and Viiiiva to eliminate any corrosion buildup

Can I save my fitness equipment workout on my Viiiiva?

Viiiiva saves all sensor data, including data from paired fitness equipment. You can view and upload your saved fitness equipment workout data when you leave the gym

How do I know which Viiiiva is mine when I am in a group?

By default all Viiiiva units advertise the same bluetooth name “Viiiiva”, but you can change your Viiiiva’s name to a custom name using the 4iiii app. Follow the instructions in Section 5 of the User Guide. If you haven’t changed your Viiiiva name and are having trouble identifying your Viiiiva in a group, the best strategey is to connect using Tap-to-Pair. Follow the instructions in Section 3 of the User Guide.

How much memory does Viiiiva have?

Viiiiva can store up to 65 hours of heart rate data. More paired sensors mean more data, so less hours will be stored. Once Viiiiva memory is full it will stop recording until the activities are downloaded and/or deleted from the Viiiiva memory. Follow the instructions in Section 7 of the User Guide.

How can I start and stop file save on my Viiiiva?

Viiiiva automatically begins saving your activity data as soon as it wakes up, so you never miss a workout. It stops recording when it goes to sleep (approximately 1 min after removing the strap or when paired sensors stop transmitting, whichever is last).

Does Viiiva work with other HRV applications?

Yes, Viiiiva measures R-R intervals with 1ms accuracy, and is therefore suitable to use with your favourite HRV apps.

How to Clean my Viiiiva strap?

Always remove Viiiiva from the strap before washing. The strap should be hand washed and air dried.

Where can I find detailed instructions on my Viiiiva?

The Viiiiva User Guide is available online here.