Silent. Portable. Zero Contact.

With near silent operation and unparalleled ease of setup, Fliiiight Smart Trainer raises the bar for your next sweat-inducing session on your favourite training app.

Before you buy, please confirm you have a compatible wheel. The compatibility checker and video below will help you.

Note: Fliiiight is not eligible for free shipping

Near Silence
Fliiiight's magnetic eddy-current resistance unit doesn't touch your wheel, which means it doesn't make any noise. No noise means that the loudest noise you hear is your bike's drivetrain, letting you train when and where you want.
Zero Contact
Fliiiight's resistance unit doesn't touch your wheel or tire, which means you don't have to replace your tire like a wheel-on trainer, and you don't have to remove your entire wheel like a direct-drive trainer. You get to use the exact same tire, tube, and cassette you use outdoors.
Virtual Inertia
Fliiiight's resistance unit learns your pedal stroke and modulates instantaneous resistance continuously so that it feels like you're riding with a flywheel even though there is no mechanical connection to your wheel.
Operating and Charging Temperature
5 to 45°C (41 to 114°F)
Storage Temperature
-20°C to 45°C (-4 to 114°F)
Battery Type
Rechargeable lithium ion pouch cell, 3000mAh
Wireless Riding Time
2 hours (can be wired during use)
Charging Cable
Type C USB, 5V 2A breakaway charging cable
Water Resistance
Power Range
0 to 2200W
Cadence Range
40 - 160RPM
Maximum Slope
Dimensions (Set Up)
L 552mm x W 741mm x H 450mm (21.7in x 29.2in x 17.7in)
Dimensions (Stored)
L 565mm x W 470mm x H 110mm (22.2in x 18.5in x 4.3in)
Total Weight
7.9kg (17.4lb)
Communication Protocols
ANT+ FE-C, ANT+ PWR, Bluetooth FTMS, Bluetooth CPS
Compatible Wheels
Aluminum alloy rims with a welded or aluminum sleeve joint
Compatible Wheel Sizes
650C-700C or 26in to 29in