ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart

Connecting your power meter to just about everything.

  • Making Setup Easy

    ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart both allow you to quickly and seamlessly get your power meter, heart rate monitor or smart trainer communicating with your phone, head unit, computer, or sports watch. All 4iiii products support both ANT+ and Bluetooth giving you many options for viewing your data in real time.

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  • ANT+ lets your power meter, smart trainer, heart rate monitor, or other device to be paired and communicate with multiple devices. ANT+ is the common communication protocol used in head units and sports watches. ANT+ enabled head units, computers, and watches let you record your workout, calibrate your power meter, or control a smart trainer. If you would like to use an ANT+ device on your Bluetooth enabled computer or tablet, the Viiiiva can act as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge by convervting an ANT+ signal into a Bluetooth signal.

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  • Much like ANT+, Bluetooth Smart lets you pair a wide variety of fitness devices to your bluetooth-enabled head unit, smartphone, laptop, or smartwatch. Bluetooth Smart is almost universally available on all smartphones, tablets, and recently-released head units and smartwatches. All 4iiii power meters, smart trainers, and heart rate monitors support communication and control over Bluetooth Smart, and the Viiiiva even lets you bridge ANT+-only devices to Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth will allow you to pair your power meter or heart rate monitor with any iOS

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