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for Apple Watch

No need for a head unit! The 4iiii Ride App for Apple Watch, a new and convenient way to display, track and analyze your rides. You can view live heart rate, power, speed, cadence, and distance directly on your Apple Watch. The Ride App saves workout metrics to Apple Fitness, allowing you to track your activity, calories, and close activity rings. auto-sync to Strava, as well as export to any compatible training platform for activity sharing. The Bluetooth connectivity enables seamless integration with all power meters and heart rate monitors from not only 4iiii but most other manufacturers as well. Conveniently, if you already have the 4iiii app on your iPhone, it will automatically add the Ride App to your Apple Watch. 4iiii now offers your complete training package of a power meter, heart rate monitor, trainer and display. And did we mention, the Ride Watch App is free!?




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