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4iiii Powering Olympic Athletes

Posted by Mac Potter on July 23, 2021

There is nothing more exciting and energizing than an Olympic year! A time where we all instantly become enthralled with whatever sport is playing when we turn on the games.

I have a distinct memory of turning on the Rio games to find myself glued to watching the Race-Walking Marathon. Canadian race walker Evan Dunfree was in a gold medal position when he was bumped by another competitor and lost his rhythm. I remember yelling “penalty!!!!” like any Canadian instinctively would when a wrong seems to have been committed in sport.

I witnessed the disappointment as Evan slipped off the podium to finish in fourth. I also remember witnessing Canadian under-dog Andre De Grasse take the silver medal next to all-time great Usain Bolt in the 200m race and the cheeky smile the two gave to each other as they crossed the finish line.

The Olympics bring something special that no other sporting event does. In other sports you can “try again next year”, but with the Olympics it is 4 years of build up (this time 5 years) that comes down to one single moment. You can feel the emotion, the drive, and the energy of the athlete’s that no other sporting event can bring. I think this is why that Rio race walking event and Andre’s silver medal in the 200m is so ingrained into my memory along with so many others. Nothing brings emotion to sport better than the Olympic games.

At this years Tokyo games, we couldn’t be more proud to have Yoeri Havik, Dan Martin, Guilllaume Boivin, Mike Woods, Krists Neillands, Sarah Gigante, and Eri Yonamine riding 4iiii PRECISION Pro Powermeters at this year’s Olympic games. They have all worked so hard to get here and we can’t wait to watch them race against the world’s best.

Canadian Mike Woods has been targeting the Tokyo Olympics road race as his key event. At 234km and over 4,800m of climbing the course is well suited for Woods and fellow ISN teammate (but Olympic day competitor), Dan Martin.

“I’m honoured and excited to be representing Canada at this coming Olympics. Watching athletes like Donovan Bailey and the men’s 4x100m team in the 1996 Olympics are what inspired me to become a professional athlete, and to devote my life to sport. It is my hope, that through competing at these games, I too can inspire another generation to dream big.“ - Mike Woods

We can’t wait to watch fellow Canadian Mike Woods and the rest of the athletes compete this weekend!

On the women’s side, Japanese Road National Champion Eri Yonamine will be energized to race in her home country on the world stage. At 137km long and 2700m of climbing it will be well suited for a puncheur. Australian Sarah Gigante is excited for the road race but is targeting the time trial event.

“Data is so important in our training, especially in the lead up to an event as specific as the Olympic Time Trial, so I’m really glad to be supported by #4iiii on our way to Tokyo!” - Sarah Gigante

Some have said that the World Championships are a more important event in the cycling world, but I would argue that the Olympics have a greater impact. The event will have new eyes on the sport during a year where we have seen a large increase of new riders discovering the beauty of cycling. The Olympics allow a casual viewer to tune in and fall in love with the sport that is being broadcast at that very moment. With such a gruelling course, the reward for this year’s winner will be so much greater. When Greg Van Avermaet won in Rio he was the golden rider for the next five years, and who doesn’t want to ride around in a golden helmet until the next Olympics?

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