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Behind the Scenes of TdF Femmes with EF Education-TIBCO-SVB - Part 2

Posted on July 22, 2022

As the official power meter sponsor of TIBCO-SVB since 2018, we are really looking forward to watching the riders depart from Paris and race into the history books of women’s cycling! We caught up with the EF Education - TIBCO - SVB riders and staff to ask them a few additional questions in anticipation of the Tour de France Femmes:

Outside of a results perspective, what does the team hope to walk away from the Tour de France Femmes having achieved and experienced?

“I think we want to make ourselves, our whole team, and our supporters proud. We want to ride away with empty legs and full hearts. We want to come together as a team stronger than ever before to do things we’ve never done.” - Krista Doebel-Hickok

“To come out from the tour with a stronger and even more united team. To have inspired the next generation and to be remembered by the crowd for the performance but also for the ideas that our sponsors want to bring forward through us!” - Letizia Borghesi

“Results will always be important, but our first focus is about reaching the highest level of performance as a team. If we can do that, results will be possible too. Then we can measure our level up against the best riders in the biggest race of the season, which will always give us some useful experience for the future. For the riders this race will be something they never forget.” - Daniel Holm Foder, Sports Director

What are some of the feelings on the team around this first edition of the Tour de France Femmes, in terms of its growth for women’s racing?

“Pure excitement and honor! We all want to bring our best form and energy to showcase our strength, talent and determination. It’s a unique opportunity to be with and race in front of some of our biggest fans and supporters.” - Krista Doebel-Hickok

“I would say the team is extremely excited to have the Tour de France Femmes come back after 33 years. The hype around it from not only the women’s peloton, but also the spectators proves that there is a high demand for these bigger races for the women’s peloton. Women’s racing is becoming more and more competitive and a race like the Tour de France will showcase that- especially coming shortly after the Giro Donne (another intense stage race that doesn’t get as much hype as the TdFF, but requires just as much strength).” - Veronica Ewers

“Everyone is really excited about this opportunity to race on such a big stage. The Tour de France is the most prestigious events in men’s cycling since ever, so it really shows how much momentum women’s cycling has at the moment. That’s great to see and I feel very lucky I can be part of it now.” - Kathrin Hammes

“The Tour will be a huge step forward for women’s cycling… so many people will watch the race and the organization of tour is doing an incredible work on social media, this is so beneficial for our sponsors and I think that new companies will enter in the world of woman’s cycling.” - Letizia Borghesi

“We are very excited because we know how much of an attraction the Tour de France has to the audience. This year it is also possible for little girls to dream of participating in the race in the future, which will have a big impact on women’s cycling.” - Daniel Holm Foder, Sport Director

The Tour de France is the event that transcends cycling, to non cycling fans it IS cycling, for the riders and team to be able to answer Yes to the question “do you race the Tour de France?” is a huge step forward - Rachel Hedderman, General Manager

How do the riders feel, knowing young girls will get to watch them race on TV/streaming/live and be inspired, the way countless young boys have by their Tour de France heroes over the years?

“I feel honored and privileged to have this opportunity to inspire young girls. And also grateful to channel inspiration from their energy and enthusiasm.” - Krista Doebel-Hickok

“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to race in the Tour de France Femmes this year. I hope the young girls watching recognize that they could be at the Tour someday if that is something they want to do. And even if it isn’t, they feel represented and know that they can do anything that boys can do. I also feel the same for young boys- they will see that women are capable of doing what men do, and seeing women in this race will perpetuate the progress being made into the future generations (both boys and girls).” - Veronica Ewers

“It’s great to be able to show women’s cycling on the big stage now and give kids the opportunity to watch us racing, but also to see that it’s actually possible to make a professional career out of cycling with professional teams and big races regardless of them being boys or girls.” - Kathrin Hammes

“As my daughter is beginning to try her way into various sports, the fact that she can watch me race is especially meaningful to me. We often talk together about aspects of life that sport brings to the surface; dealing with fears, learning discipline, the power of positive thinking and the importance of practice. She knows I practice, she knows I race, but now she can see for herself the fruits of her mom’s hard work. It doesn’t get much better for me than knowing I am setting an example that she can aspire to!” - Emily Joy Newsom

“It will be amazing to have many young girls watching us during the 8 stages, I’ll give everything to make them excited! I hope to leave in them something unforgettable!” - Letizia Borghesi

EF Education-TIBCO-SVB Tour de France Femmes Roster:

  • Letizia Borghesi
  • Krista Doebel-Hickok
  • Veronica Ewers
  • Kathrin Hammes
  • Emily Newsom
  • Magdeleine Vallieres Mill

What Does it Take to Ride in the WorldTour?

We will be following EF Education - TIBCO - SVB through the tour on our social media channels. We will be running a series of contests featuring their riders and their power numbers - join us and test your power knowledge!

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