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8 Great Gravel Events to Get Excited About in 2024

Posted by Andrew Davidson on March 27, 2024

It’s no secret that gravel riding and racing has firmly planted itself in the cycling world over the past several years. With gravel bike offerings from niche to major brands alike and an explosion of gravel events across the calendar - there’s never been a better time to sign up for some road-less-travelled adventures! We’ve compiled a list of some of the events we’re most excited to be partnering with this year, ranging from close to home (within Alberta), our provincial neighbours (BC) and south of the border, in the USA. Whether you’re looking to sign up for your first gravel ride/race, or are a seasoned veteran looking for something new, take a gander and see if there’s a gravel getaway worth putting in your calendar.

In Our Backyard

1. Ghost of the Gravel Fondo & Race

When: June 16, 2024

Where: Water Valley, Alberta

Why: This will be the 8th edition of the Ghost of the Gravel, now a staple in the Alberta gravel calendar, offering challenging, scenic routes through the foothills and backroads surrounding Water Valley. With the start/finish line outside the ol’ Water Valley Saloon, the tone is adequately set for the shoot-out that unfolds throughout the day. With a “Friendly Ghost” (78km) and “Scary Ghost” (118km) option, riders can decide how haunted they want to be by the challenging climbs, mixed surfaces and unpredictable weather.

The 2024 edition will be especially memorable, as it will double as the Canadian Gravel National Championships, drawing a mix of Canada’s top road, MTB and gravel racers to contest the maple leaf jersey.

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2. Badlands Gran Fondo

When: June 6, 2024

Where: Drumheller, Alberta

Why: Dinosaurs! The Drumheller Valley is one with a rich and unique heritage. It is the dinosaur capital of the world and some of the most iconic landscapes you will ever encounter. Located a little way NE of Calgary, the Gran Fondo Badlands travels 163 km, 100 km, 75 km or 50 km through the heart of the stunning hoodoos and mighty Red Deer River. Gran Fondo Badlands offers a rewarding challenge for the weekend warrior, hardcore roadie, triathlete-in-training or anyone who simply wants to ride their bike along this scenic route. Riders of all abilities (e-bikes are welcome!) will appreciate the opportunity to ride one of four distances at their own pace while enjoying first-class support along the way.

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3. Cochrane Crusher

When: August 18, 2024

Where: Cochrane, Alberta

Why: Welcome to the 3rd edition of Cochrane’s finest gravel cycling event. Please join us on August 18, 2024, to explore some beautiful scenery in the Foothills Region just 20 min north of Cochrane. You will have the option to race 50 km or 2 laps on the same course for a total of 100 km. You can also opt for the Fondo / recreational ride of 50 km on the same course. The course is on rolling terrain, 94% gravel with a total of 559m (1,834ft) climbing per 50km lap.

We are very proud to have the continuous support of numerous local sponsors/partners to showcase the very best Cochrane has to offer. We have numerous prizes and awards, which will be announced and updated when confirmed. After your ride, you can enjoy a BBQ party at the start/finish presented by our host GlenGary Bison! We look forward to welcoming you to Cochrane’s gravel event!

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Nextdoor Neighbours

4. Cranbrook Gravel Grind

When: May 24-25, 2024

Where: Cranbrook, British Columbia

Why: In 2024, the Cranbrook Gravel Grind will again shed light on the world-class gravel riding surrounding Cranbrook, BC. Welcoming all riders to the third annual event, the 65 and 112km routes will showcase the Cranbrook Community Forest, Chief Isadore Trail Network, Trans Canada Trail, and Mount Baker Forestry Service Roads. The CGG offers an incredibly unique experience for new and experienced riders with a course that is designed for cyclists with physical impairment in mind, suiting cyclists of all abilities, hand cyclists and tandems included.

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5. Fernie Gravel Grind

When: July 12-14, 2024

Where: Fernie, British Columbia

Why: The Fernie Gravel Grind (FGG) offers a Bucket List Gravel Cycling Experience for any and all riders. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the FGG plays host to some of the best gravel cycling that Canada has to offer. Throughout the weekend, riders will race or ride up picturesque mountain roads, experience historical downtown Fernie and connect with a growing community of gravel cyclists from all over the country.

The 2024 Fernie Gravel Grind offers two distances, the ~40km Short Haul and ~80km Long Haul. Riders will spend the better part of Saturday morning and afternoon racing (or riding!) the iconic Fernie Gravel Grind routes throughout the Elk Valley. All routes will be fully marked and feature the classic FGG Stoke Stations; fully loaded with the best ride food, enthusiastic volunteers and on-course mechanical support. Join us Friday and Saturday night for live performances at the outdoor stage in Station Square. Tunes in the Town will kick off Friday night and leave you dancing the weekend away, along with a beer garden and local food trucks onsite.

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6. Gravel Royale

When: August 23-26, 2024

Where: Nipika Mountain Resort, British Columbia

Why: Life’s too short to add just another gravel race to your calendar. With 3 days of racing over 4 days, the TransRockies Gravel Royale is truly in a league of its own. New for 2024 there are 2 distance options each day and an overall ranking for each one! The views are endless, and the hills are teeming with wildlife. It’s an unforgettable journey of adventure, camaraderie and of course, bragging rights! It’s a friendly competition that winds its way through terrain tailor-made for testing limits and leaving racers in awe of their own abilities. Days are spent with friends, racing past rugged mountain peaks, and over high mountain passes. Evenings are a chance to make new friends, and trade stories with old ones. All while enjoying the unique character of our host communities.

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American Adventures

7. Big Horn Gravel

When: June 23, 2024

Where: Gypsum, Colorado

Why: We could try and list all the reasons to check out Big Horn Gravel, but The Vegan Cyclist’s race recap video from 2023 has already nailed it! Check out Tyler’s experience riding not one, but TWO Bighorn courses back to back. As the “best gravel race he’s ever done,” Bighorn gets a proper breakdown from everyone’s favourite vegan. He highlights course features, strategy, community, and why he decided to do the Little Bighorn right on the heels of the 85mi Ramshorn escape course, for a total of 130mi and 15k of vert! What a beast!

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8. Fist Full of Dirt

When: September 1, 2024

Where: Cody, Wyoming

Why: Welcome to the premiere gravel bike race in Cody, Wyoming. Get your bike tuned and pull your hat down tight – it’s going to be a wild ride. Sunday, September 1st, 2024 will be a wild west gravel grinder of grand proportions. Whether you want to ride The Good (17mi), The Bad (60mi), or The Ugly (100mi), there will be a distance for everyone. After finishing the race, cool your blazing saddle with a bustlin’ post-ride shindig. The band will be hot and the beverages cold. We invite racers, family, and friends to enjoy Cody for a weekend full of bikes, brews, music, and attractions. Whether you ride, or just come for the fun, it’ll be a weekend to remember.

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