Ride Ready reCycled Cranks

If next-to-new will work for you, check out our selection of Ride Ready reCYCLED Cranks starting at $214.99 USD, while quantities last.

  • What is

    What is a Ride Ready ReCYCLED Crank?

    A Ride Ready reCYCLED crank is a lightly used Shimano crank with a new 4iiii PRECISION or PRECISION 3 Powermeter. All reCYCLED cranks go through a strict and thorough inspection to ensure that they meet our top quality standards. After the crank is cleaned, our skilled technicians will then install a brand new 4iiii PRECISION or PRECISION 3 Powermeter onto the reCYCLED Shimano crank. All Ride Ready reCYCLED cranks come with our legendary 3 year warranty and are backed with a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

  • What is

    Shimano Cranks are Backwards Compatible

    Did you know that Shimano cranks are backwards compatible? For example, a 5800 or 6800 left crank will fit on an R8000 crankset! We understand it’s frustrating that sometimes we are out of stock in your size. Consider a Ride Ready reCYCLED Crank in another Shimano model. It’s our most affordable way to get you started riding with power right away.

  • Aluminum

    Aluminum is one of the Most Recyclable Materials on the Planet

    An aluminum can can take up to 250 years to decompose, a crank would take even longer! Aluminum also takes an enormous amount of energy to produce. You would have to ride for 30 hours at 300W just to melt the amount of aluminum that is required to form a crank. Luckily it is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet. A Ride Ready reCYCLED Crank extends the life of a perfectly good crank and saves the resources that would have been required to produce a new one.

  • We Have a Responsibility to do Our Part

    We Have a Responsibility to do Our Part

    It’s our mission to empower athletes through technology and help you reach your fullest potential. We also realize that we need to do that responsibly. Having the Canadian Rockies as our testing ground, we witness everyday the effects that climate change is having on our environment. Even something as small as buying a used crank can make a big difference.

    Looking for our most environmentally friendly power meter option? Learn about a Factory Install. Learn More

Update for US Customers — Reese’s Law

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