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4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Riding with Power

Posted by Andrew Davidson on November 15, 2022

1. Accuracy

A power meter gives you the most accurate and understandable account of your exertion on a bike and is the most effective way of marking improvements. Just as you can track progress in the gym by noting the weight you can squat or understand how to pace a run based on split times, the data you receive from a power meter offers the equivalent insight for your riding. Other metrics such as heart rate, speed and perceived exertion have value but are much more susceptible to changes from external variables such as fatigue, wind conditions and caffeine consumption. Power will always remain an honest reflection of your physical output on the bike and is the most reliable source for capturing your cycling experiences.

2. Makes Structuring Your Rides and Workouts Easier

Whether your goal is to better pace your local gravel loop so that you finish feeling strong instead of running on fumes or improve your sprint for a summer of criterium racing, a power meter can guide you to success. Having reliable data that can be applied to training platforms like Zwift or TrainerRoad, analyzed with apps such as Strava or Training Peaks and shared with a knowledgeable cycling coach makes maintaining and building on your current ability a much simpler task.

3. A Power Meter is the Most Accurate Way to Track Calories Burned

Who doesn’t like a few beverages and some pizza to celebrate a good day out on the road or trail? Another great feature of a power meter is its ability to track the calories you’ve burned. Heart rate monitors can also offer this insight but typically only provide data within 10% - 20% accuracy, whereas a power meter offers the most accurate account, landing within 5% accuracy. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain weight or simply track your calories a power meter is the most reliable option for keeping track of how much energy you’ve burned during a workout.

4. It’s Fun to be Fast!

Who doesn’t like to go fast!? You don’t have to be winning races or racing at all to appreciate the joy of flying down the road or trail, wind whipping by and the empowering feeling of knowing it’s your legs and lungs responsible for the adrenaline rush. “Fast” is a relative term, but we all know it when we feel it, and when you have the tools to maintain and develop the engine that delivers that thrilling sense of speed, it’s bound to keep you coming back for more. With the reliable data and insight you’ll gain using power, the more often you’ll find yourself grinning as you sail past the blur of the landscape around you.

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