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Nacidos en las estribaciones de las Montañas Rocosas canadienses, tenemos profundas raíces en la creación de tecnología deportiva revolucionaria.

¿No has oído hablar de 4iiii antes? Podemos garantizarle que ha utilizado tecnología inventada por nuestros cofundadores. Todo se remonta al año 1999, cuando una pequeña empresa canadiense llamada Dynastream estaba a punto de tener un gran impacto en la industria de la tecnología deportiva. La tecnología inventada fue una pequeña cosa conocida como ANT+. Al trabajar con marcas como Nike, Dynastream ayudó a desarrollar un monitor de velocidad y distancia junto con el podómetro Nike. ANT+ se convirtió rápidamente en el protocolo de comunicación estándar para dispositivos de fitness inalámbricos y Dynastream se vendió en 2006 a Garmin.

  • Our Story #1

    Fast forward to 2010: a time before Zwift and TrainerRoad, when 23mm tires were still an acceptable standard. 4iiii was founded for the sole purpose of creating affordable, industry-leading sports technology for the masses. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to train and race with the same equipment as the pros.

  • Our Story #2

    The first piece of technology released was the Sportiiii. A sensor that attached to your sunglasses that would let you know what heart rate zone you were running or cycling in. It was a heads up display that allowed you to focus on your workout while more importantly focus on the road ahead. Along with the Sportiiii, it paired with the first generation Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor to get your heart rate zones and even had a feature similar to Strava Live Segments called Cliiiimb to help you reach personal bests.

  • Our Story #3

    Having the most affordable and accurate power meter on the market was still not good enough for us. With the release of the PRECISION PRO Dual-Sided Powermeter, it was essential that we were in the pro peloton. In 2016 we partnered with Etixx Quick Step, who rode 4iiii technology through to 2018. In those three seasons, Etixx Quick Step amassed 89 wins, which included 2x Tour of Flanders, Liege Baston Liege, and an Olympic gold medal in Rio. Their powerhouse roster during these years included the likes of Marcel Kittel, Philipe Gilbert, Julian Alaphilippe, Fernado Gaveria, Bob Jungels, Elia Viviani, Tony Martin and Matteo Trentin, to name a few.

  • Our Story #4

    In addition to Etixx Quick Step, we partnered with Bora Hansgrohe from 2017 to 2019. With Peter Sagan on the team, we had a generational rider and team leader who was an antagonist in every race he entered. In those seasons, Bora amassed 73 wins, which included Sagan’s legendary performance at Paris Roubaix and his 2017 World Championship win - all while riding with 4iiii technology.

  • Our Story #5

    Building off the success of these initial sponsorships in the World Tour, 4iiii continued to sponsor several World Tour outfits, including Israel-Premiere Tech, Lotto-Dystny and the women’s EF Education-Tibco-SVB team. The latter was a particularly thrilling experience, as Alberta’s own Alison Jackson delivered a historic performance in the 2023 Paris-Roubaix Femmes, becoming the first North American, male or female, to win the brutal monument, with a dominant sprint in the Roubaix velodrome.

  • Our Story #6

    With all of our success on the road, we can’t overlook the impressive and rewarding partnerships we’ve had with our triathlon and off-road athletes. Fenella Langridge, Tamara Jewett, and Cody Beals have claimed several 70.3 and full-distance Ironman victories and podiums, using 4iiii technology for their training and racing performances. Likewise, we’ve delivered in the world of mountain biking and gravel, with Emily Batty on the World Cup circuit, Haley Smith taking the 2023 Lifetime Grand Prix women’s overall title, and Evan Russell winning the Canadian gravel and cyclo-cross national championships. Proof that our power meters are built to withstand any and all conditions a rider can throw at them.

  • Our Story #7

    So where are we now? After proving our technology at the highest levels of the sport, we remain focused on staying true to why 4iiii was created, to help you reach your full potential. Using the insight and feedback that we receive from our elite riders, who push the limits of our training and racing tools, we continue improving our products for the benefit of all users. The recent partnership with Apple and the inclusion of their Find My technology in our PRECISION 3+ Powermeter (winner of a 2024 IF Design Award), is one example of how we continue to strive forward as a leader in the world of cycling technology, driven by the user experience. We’re inspired to continue delivering the best products available to cyclists of all abilities, who want more fun, power and results in their riding!

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