Indoor Training

Riding your bike indoors doesn’t have to be a chore. With a Fliiiight smart trainer, you can ride nearly silently, which lets you watch TV or listen to your workout jams without waking up your family. With the entertainment of virtual-riding or virtual-coaching apps, it doesn’t even have to feel like you’re stuck indoors.

  • Bad Weather

    Not Just for Bad Weather

    With the explosion of accurate and instant power measurements, indoor cycling continues to be a growing trend. Training indoors on your bike has gone from a noisy chore to a fun and immersive experience. Accurate and accessible power meters like PRECISION and Podiiiium let you ride with power on any trainer. Nearly silent trainers like the Fliiiight let you get your training in anywhere at any time. Riding apps like Zwift or coaching apps like TrainerRoad keep you focused and entertained.

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  • What’s Required

    What do I Need?

    To get the most out of an indoor training app, you will want a device that measures power directly and accurately, like a PRECISION or PRECISION 3 Powermeter or a Fliiiight Smart Trainer. Connect the app using ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart to your power meter or trainer and just start riding!

    You will also need a phone or computer to run the indoor training app.

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  • Fliiight Smart Trainer

    Fliiiight Smart Trainer

    Silent. Portable. Zero contact. With near silent operation and unparalleled ease of setup, Fliiiight Smart Trainer raises the bar for your next sweat-inducing session on your favourite training app. Now on sale, while supplies last.

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  • What is Erg Mode?

    What is Erg Mode?

    Erg Mode is a feature supported by smart trainers like the Fliiiight, and used by coaching software like TrainerRoad or SYSTM. In erg mode, the trainer adjusts resistance in real time to ensure that if an interval requires you to do 250W, you do exactly 250W. Since the trainer is doing the thinking and pacing for you, you can focus on something else like watching TV.

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  • What is SIM Mode?

    What is SIM Mode?

    Sim Mode tells your smart trainer to simulate the uphills and downhills that your virtual rider is navigating in your virtual-riding app like Zwift or Rouvy. This makes your virtual rides feel more immersive, more rewarding, and more fun!

  • Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

    Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

    Viiiiva is so much more than your standard Heart Rate Monitor. While storing 65 hours of workout data, Viiiiva also acts as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge. You can broadcast your ANT+ devices to your bluetooth devices all through your heart rate monitor - perfect for foot pods and Zwifting on Apple TV.

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  • Precision 3+ Powermeter

    PRECISION 3+ Powermeter

    With up to 800 hours of battery life, +/-1% accuracy and backed by our legendary 3-year warranty, the PRECISION 3+ Powermeter will be your trusted training tool for years to come.

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  • Reliable. Accurate. Accessible.

    Reliable. Accurate. Accessible.

    This winter, take your training indoors with a factory installed PRECISION 3+ Powermeter, near-silent Fliiiight Smart Trainer, and a Zwift-ready Viiiiva heart rate monitor.

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