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  • Laurie Arseneault
    It’s amazing to have the opportunity to work with a Canadian brand like 4iiii. Their innovative data tools have helped me develop as an athlete, and the new dual-sided PRECISION 3+ PRO Powermeter is no exception. It allows me to perfectly pace my training whether it’s a long endurance outing or a short and punchy interval day. It has been my greatest navigator to track and monitor every detail of my progress.
    Pittstop Racing Team, 2024
  • Isabel King
    This was my first year using a 4iiii power meter and, as a professional off-road racer, I put it through the paces. The factory installed power meter on my Shimano GRX was completely unfazed as I rode it through pouring rain, absolute peanut butter mud, and extreme heat.
    Pro MTB and Gravel Racer
  • Evan Russell
    I use the 4iiii power meter for training and racing and it’s invaluable on my interval days. I always train with power because it’s a good gauge of fitness and strength. The 4iiii PRECISION 3 is easy to add to improve your rides!
    Canadian Elite Men’s Gravel & CX National Champion
  • Mitchell Thomas
    Cycling dynamics were spot on with accuracy, I tested against two other models and confirmed the data to be accurate. Having the power meter on a gravel bike was very handy on some of the longer 7 hour plus rides I’ve done. It allowed for proper pacing, quality, real-time information, as well as reliable data metrics for training plans.
    Weekend Warrior and Adventure Cyclist
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