The breakaway in power

meters. Your crank arm,

your budget, your win!


The only heart rate monitor

you will ever need.


Your ultimate performance

coach in a real-time

heads up display.


The King of the Mountain

System powered by Strava.


Ride sends speed

and cadence to

any ANT+ cycle

computer or watch.


Stride sends speed and cadence

to any ANT+ display.


The external GPS positioning pod

that saves your phone battery.


Android Requirements

Requires Android 4.3 or better, and Bluetooth 4.0 support on the phone. We have seen better BLE stability with Android 4.4 and Google Nexus devices. We have tested with Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3, and Note Pro (tablet). Older phones have been less stable, especially for firmware updates.

What’s New

Enhanced Viiiiva Features
.fit file saving, fitness equipment profiles, Android support for Bluetooth devices

Precision Power Meter

Cliiiimb 2.1 iOS App

Sidekick GPS

ISPO Munich

Join our two founders, Kip Fyfe, President/CEO, and Ian Andes CSO at ISPO 2015 – Wearable Technologies in the Health and Fitness pavilion.

Munich Germany Feb 5-7
Booth # 314 in Hall C1

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