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The Migration to Indoor Training

Posted by Andrew Davidson on November 4, 2022

The leaves have fallen, the days are getting shorter and the giant inflatable Halloween lawn displays are being swapped out for giant inflatable Christmas ones… it’s time for the annual migration back inside for the winter training season. For those fortunate enough to live in climates that allow for comfortable outdoor riding year-round, feel free to smugly scroll on to more relevant posts, along with those that bravely layer-up and get out there no matter how low the mercury drops. For the rest of us, indoor training can be a great option during the shoulder seasons and frigid months, as a time-efficient, safe and bike-friendly way to keep the legs spinning.

The ultimate indoor training set up

The “off-season” is a perfect time to dig into the numbers and build a quality foundation for the new season’s goals, whether it’s improving for race days or simply hitting the ground running (riding) with solid fitness once the snow melts. As a Canadian company, based just east of the Rocky Mountains, we at 4iiii know winter like the back of our mitten-clad hands and have developed the tools to help riders make the most of their pilgrimage to the “pain cave”. Here’s our list of essentials to make those indoor hours a FUNdamental part of your cycling season.

PRECISION 3 Powermeter

PRECISION Powermeters

A power meter is your greatest asset when it’s time to log quality miles indoors, as it unlocks a world of engaging training options and insightful data. Whether you prefer a minimal and numbers-driven program like TrainerRoad or the all-encompassing imaginary worlds of Zwift, where you can race against other indoor cyclists from around the world, there’s an application for you. Regardless of the program you choose to build or maintain your fitness over the winter, a power meter with ANT+ or Bluetooth ability is required. Our crank-based PRECISION Powermeters provide both of these output options and are an ideal tool for providing consistent and reliable power data for you and your avatar.

While smart trainers are a common source for the same power data the beauty of a PRECISION Powermeter is that it’s on your bike and can effortlessly transition from indoor to outdoor riding with you. Whether a pre-installed Ride Ready crank & power meter makes the most sense for your set-up or a Factory Installed power meter on your pre-existing crank, we have an option that will work for you and your bike. Winter months are the perfect time to equip your bike with the tools you need to maximize your fun and fitness this “off-season”.

Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

While power meters and power data may be the modern standard for evaluating cycling performances, heart rate monitors still play a valuable role in providing a broader understanding of your physiological profile. As you become familiar with your typical heart rate zones relative to power output you can note when an atypical response is occurring. For example, an elevated resting heart rate for consecutive days, or one that’s unable to reach its normal higher ranges when riding could indicate fatigue from overtraining.

Our Viiiiva heart rate monitor is much more than your standard heart rate monitor with its ability to store up to 65 hours of workout data and act as an ANT+-to-Bluetooth bridge. These features ensure your valuable data is never lost during key training sessions and allow you to connect your ANT+ devices to Bluetooth-only receivers such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. Viiiiva lets you connect your ANT+ device with your favorite training software such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy and more.

Train in the Great Indoors with 4iiii products.

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